Location: St. Andrew

Cannonball Cafe

The perfect spot to enjoy an aromatic Blue Mountain coffee brewed to order while enjoying a deliciously made light meal. Just right for your meetings, studying or meeting up with friends. 4 locations: Manor Park – Shop 3A Lower Manor Park Plaza Sovereign North – 29 Barbican Road Barbican Loshusan – 29 East Kings House…

Moy Hall Estate Coffee

Jamaica’s world renowned, finest handpicked coffee from the Moy Hall Estate in the Blue Mountains. Grown and processed by the family operations since 1992. We maintain high quality standards. After choice hand picked berries are harvested, they are pulped, fermented and washed in spring water from the mountains. They are then dried to the perfect…

De La Enzie Essentials Limited

Organic, all natural medicinally effective natural products for the skin, hair, entire body and aromatheraphy. @delaenzieessentials

Rachael Lane

Sugarcane Java is a coffee lover’s dream. Inspired by Blue Mountain Coffee, this candle has notes of coffee, sugar and cream. Even when unlit Sugar cane Java smells like a brewing cup of coffee. @rachael_laneja

Because It Is For You

I enthusiastically celebrate the Caribbean family life in my art. My pouches, bags and more are the perfect fit for my lifestyle as a busy Mom. Respecting the earth and the environment, I do my best to re-purpose fabrics in my works where possible. Blending repurposed materials with new fabric, in interesting and creative ways…

Kande’s Delights Ice Cream

Choco Coffee Craze Ice Cream: A blend of Coffee, Chocolate covered coffee beans and a coffee liquer all infused together to give the smoothest, creamiest Coffee combination frozen desert ever.

Delish Smoothie

Delish Smoothie is an innovative brand that caters to all natural, fruitful Smoothies for everyone. They are healthy, no additives, no sugar and tasty. They are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Enjoy your freshly made delicious and nutritious Smoothie by ordering online or via telephone. We deliver for six (6) orders and more. You can…

Rafjam Cafe

This product is coffee infused fish fillet and grilled coffee chicken. @rafjambnb